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Welcome to the  iNTEGRON®-Institute of Dr. Heike Bähre,

Your think-tank within the heart of the Capital Berlin.


Use my specialised trademarks: integrity, professionalism and the abundance of our ingenuity. My partners and me are here to give strategic-, solution- and implementation-orientated advice within the areas:

  • Tourism Promotion,
  • Marketing,
  • Lobbying,
  • PR / Communication / Private-Public-Partnership / Investor Relations and
  • Project Management in Tourism Promotion and Communications.

Our knowledge and creativity are your success factors.



Political consultation is not the same as politician consultation. With politician consultation, the policy-makers decide which advisor they put their trust in. In contrast, political consultation is based on variety of ideas and concepts; it moderates between the different representatives form scientific and political spheres, as well tourism economy and the public. The absolute independence of the iNTEGRON Institute guarantees you that the policy consultation can also fulfil your criticism function, in order to learn from any previous mistakes. Research results and industry information can ...more

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